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Based on the information that can be found in each of our electronic issues, we offer an associated e-learning course.
If you wish to take the e-learning course, please:

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Then choose the specific issue of Glaucoma Now you would like to be tested (please note that issues a valid for a period of 12 months post publication). Associated with each issue, each multiple choice test is divided into the following sections: Special Focus, What's New, Clinical Issues and Practical Tips.
The type of questions you will find:

  • Decide on 1 correct option out of 5 possible options
  • Decide on 1 option that is NOT correct out of 5 possible options

Once you have finalized the test, click on the submission button.

Once you have confirmed that you would like to submit, the following will happen: If passed, you will receive a message to your previously specified e-mail address.

You should receive feedback on your passed test shortly (passed/not passed and percentage of correct answers).

In case of failure, no notification will be sent. Please return to start page where the test will be clearly marked in red as "Failure". From here you can then retake the test at any time you like, perhaps after re-reading the articles.

Individual issues of Glaucoma now are accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) by the Physicians' Chamber of Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Local Medical Reponsible: Andreas Buchholz, MD, PhD, ROph).

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